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to devour their delicious creations

Find a private chef

to devour their delicious creations

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Browse through a selection of highly skilled private chefs, each with their own unique culinary style and offerings.

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Select a chef based on your preferences and desired dining experience, and easily book them through our platform.

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Sit back and relax while your private chef prepares a personalized dining experience in the comfort of your own home or chosen location.

Our story

We believe that every meal should be a unique and memorable experience. That’s why we partner with highly skilled private chefs who are passionate about their craft and committed to creating a customized menu based on your preferences and dietary restrictions. You can choose from a variety of cuisines, from classic French to contemporary fusion, and enjoy a fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home.

At Truphle, we are dedicated to providing a seamless booking process and exceptional customer service. We are constantly innovating to ensure that our platform remains user-friendly, secure, and efficient. Join Truphle today and experience the future of dining.

We want to offer our new and existing users a state of luxury & comfort in their own homes or the Chefs home.

Chefs will prepare the dishes on their menu at the selected location, making it a more personalized and interactive experience for everyone.

Truphle Chefs

Truphle chefs are highly skilled and passionate culinary professionals who provide personalized and unforgettable dining experiences for food enthusiasts.

Truphle Chefs

Join Truphle’s network of highly skilled private chefs and create unforgettable dining experiences for food enthusiasts.

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Frequently asked questions

Truphle is an online platform that connects food enthusiasts with skilled private chefs for a personalized dining experience.

Truphle offers a range of private dining experiences, including intimate dinners, cocktail parties, corporate events, and more.

If you’re a skilled chef interested in joining the Truphle platform, simply click the “Join” button on our website and follow the steps to submit your application. Our team will review your profile and reach out if there’s a fit.


Truphle chefs are experienced in accommodating various dietary restrictions and allergies. Customers can specify their needs when booking a chef, and the chef will work with them to create a menu that fits their needs.

Truphle offers a wide variety of cuisines to suit all tastes, including Italian, French, Asian, Latin American, and more. Customers can browse chef profiles on the Truphle website to find a chef who specializes in the cuisine they’re interested in.

Truphle allows customers to browse a selection of chefs and menus, then select a date, time, and location for their private dining experience. Customers can communicate directly with their chef to customize the menu and plan the event.

The cost of a Truphle event varies depending on factors such as the number of guests, menu selection, and location. Customers can browse chef profiles to find options that fit their budget.

The cancellation policy for private chef bookings through Truphle varies based on the specific circumstances of the booking. Generally, if a booking is cancelled within a certain period of time (usually 48-72 hours), the customer may be charged a cancellation fee. However, Truphle aims to work with both the customer and chef to find a mutually satisfactory solution in the event of a cancellation.

Truphle carefully screens and selects its chefs based on their culinary expertise, experience, and professionalism. Additionally, Truphle regularly collects feedback from customers to ensure the continued quality of the chefs’ service.

At Truphle, we take the safety of our chefs very seriously. We ensure that all our chefs adhere to strict safety and hygiene protocols.We also encourage our chefs to follow local health guidelines and regulations, and we advise them on best practices for maintaining a safe and healthy cooking environment. Additionally, we require all our chefs to undergo a background check and provide us with valid insurance documentation.

Download the app now

Download the app now and discover a world of personalized dining experiences!

Download the app now

Download the app now and discover a world of personalized dining experiences!